Why Us?

About Africawide Health


  • Founded in 2018
  • eHealth aficionado
  • Products and projects

Africawide Health is a member of the Africawide Group of Companies that includes Africawide Consulting and Africawide Technology. We work to make Health, like Technology, an integral part of our daily lives.


We believe

“Technology and connectivity can instantly put the world at your fngertips, but you can only ACT on it if you are HEALTHY of body and mind.”


So we use our consulting and technology skills to identify areas of opportunity to provide widespread, sustainable healthcare solutions.


In the process we sell health related devices and services,
with YOU in mind.


Conducted a feasibility study for the construction of a 1000 bed hospital in South Africa

Solution design

Integrated supply chains, auto-ordering, remote stock keeping, big data analysis, AI

Product supply

Provide cost efective, quality wound care and protective equipment to industry

eHealth – integrating Health into our daily lives

We know health is integral to our wellbeing, but because it only pays during a lifetime of pursuit, good health is sadly neglected by many.

Covid-19 thrust a new normal onto us. A new normal where:

  • being socially responsible with health and access is key for survival;
  • being online is the main driver of human interaction; and
  • being in physical contact is a personal and societal risk.

Every entity that brings people in close proximity is now obligated to perform health checks before granting access.

Africawide’s smart infusion of health and technology allows you to do so safely.

Africawide Group. Responsive Solutions – Built today. Fit for tomorrow