The Culture of Ubuntu At Africawide

“Investing in people is simply the demonstration of Ubuntu…”

During my time here at Africawide, I have seen consultants rally and embody the true meaning of Ubuntu, a core value to our identity as a company. My family and I recently experienced the untimely loss of my grandfather.

I had only spoken to three or four people about my situation prior to the loss, yet the overwhelming concern and support provided by the greater company was and is greatly appreciated not only by me but by my family. This truly demonstrated that word of mouth is still the strongest and powerful form of communication any firm could have.

I would like to take this opportunity and say thank you to all those who contributed in various ways such as providing warm meals for my family while we sat at the hospital, who lent an ear and kept us in their prayers; all the while churning out awesome reports, building tools and taking over Sub-Saharan Africa.

We recently read The McKinsey Way and when referring to investing in its people the book mentioned that we do not need to have extravagant team building events but rather simply ask “How are you today? How is your family doing?” It is in the finer details that we truly learn to value our people and build lasting relationships within the company.

Investing in people is simply the demonstration of Ubuntu, recognising their human-ness and contributing to their community.

At the heart of Africawide’s identity are its values. It is the lasting vision and reflection of the company. My lasting vision of Africawide will forever be Ubuntu – “I am what I am because of who we all are”.



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