Monetising The Circular Economy

The only decisive way we will deal with waste, is if we can make money from it. We are all aware of the Circular Economy, and I’m certain and also believe that waste is a valuable resource. But that in itself is not enough to make us change our behaviour, nor advise our clients to do the same. How many of our homes are off grid, powered with solar cells, use rain catchment water and French drains? For us who rely on municipal services, do we play our part to recycle? Do we compost our organics, ... Read More

Why Are Corporate Values Needed?

“…values exist, in essence, to see the corporation through good and bad times…” Values stand at the very core of human decision‐making. When we work in an organisation whose culture aligns with our personal values, we feel liberated. We are able to bring our full selves to work. We not only bring our energy, our creativity, and our enthusiasm, we also bring our commitment to the well‐being of our associates and the success of the organisation. Unleashing this energy is tantamount to liberating the corporate soul. Businesses are increasingly acknowledging the impact of a happy, fulfilled ... Read More

Comment From The Group CEO

The history of Africawide It speaks volumes for the drive to grow and retain our reputation as industry innovators. 2017 has ensured this remains true. In the past 12 months, Africawide made many leaps and bounds and is on course to attaining our vision of being a serious service provider of choice, serving the continent and drawing on local and continental talent and expertise in equal measure. The above is not a cliché but merely seeks to articulate the dedication and loyalty of each and every individual in the business to the vision of Africawide. There ... Read More

Africawide Trust Foundation

In the spirit of Ubuntu and people development, Africawide formed the Africawide Trust in September 2016 with the purpose of assisting beneficiaries to become economically productive citizens of South Africa through community and anti- poverty initiatives. Out of this purpose, the Small Business Development Programme was born, as a way of using the skills, resources and infrastructure that Africawide Consulting already possess in order to upskill and support small black-owned businesses. The Small Business Development Progra mme was advertised through social media and within the Africawide network, who in turn shared it with their own networks, and ... Read More