Comment From The Group CEO

The history of Africawide It speaks volumes for the drive to grow and retain our reputation as industry innovators. 2017 has ensured this remains true. In the past 12 months, Africawide made many leaps and bounds and is on course to attaining our vision of being a serious service provider of choice, serving the continent and drawing on local and continental talent and expertise in equal measure. The above is not a cliché but merely seeks to articulate the dedication and loyalty of each and every individual in the business to the vision of Africawide. There ... Read More

Novice Insights

“…money isn’t the enemy. However, how a company goes about making it determines the moral side the entity falls on…” I have only recently been inducted into the consulting world. In so doing, I have had to confront many stereotypes and have had a number of revelations about the industry. The Industry Coming from a socio-education environment, the commercial incentive of business always tugged on my socialist heartstrings. However, I found that Africawide has a strong social conscience. I was directed to the company though their work with SSP, and upon joining discovered the great work ... Read More