Monetising The Circular Economy

The only decisive way we will deal with waste, is if we can make money from it. We are all aware of the Circular Economy, and I’m certain and also believe that waste is a valuable resource. But that in itself is not enough to make us change our behaviour, nor advise our clients to do the same. How many of our homes are off grid, powered with solar cells, use rain catchment water and French drains? For us who rely on municipal services, do we play our part to recycle? Do we compost our organics, ... Read More

Novice Insights

“…money isn’t the enemy. However, how a company goes about making it determines the moral side the entity falls on…” I have only recently been inducted into the consulting world. In so doing, I have had to confront many stereotypes and have had a number of revelations about the industry. The Industry Coming from a socio-education environment, the commercial incentive of business always tugged on my socialist heartstrings. However, I found that Africawide has a strong social conscience. I was directed to the company though their work with SSP, and upon joining discovered the great work ... Read More